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CRistina. High-quality testing and assembly complex of BOSCH, DENSO and DELPHI Common Rail injectors.

CRistina repair- and testing complex is dedicated to assembing and disassembling Bosch, Denso and Delphi Common Rail inejctors according to manufacturer specified steps and mechanical tolerances. The complex offers the ability to measure relevant mechanical tolerances of the injector parts and electrical characteristics of the electromagnet. The assembly/dissembly steps and critical measurement points are presented by convenient step-by-step instructions descriptions and relevant images of the work process itself.






DL-CRA005 Stand for measurement and adjustment of injector parameters, 1 set. + +
DL-KIP020TESA Digital indicator , 1 pcs. + +
DL-CRA/KEY Communication module for data transmission from indicator to PC + +
DL- CRN50094 Measuring probes, 1 set + +
DL-CRN50099 Measuring adapters, 1 set. + +
Generator of control pulse for injector’s solenoid “Cristina VSA-15”, 1 pcs. + +
CRistina software, 1 pcs. + +
PC (Laptop), 1 pcs *and keyboard +
Device passport (technical description, user’s manual). + +
Electronic microscope, 1pcs. +
Torque wrench,1/2, 1 pcs. +
DL-CR50104 Kit of tools to extract and replace the fiber ring of the CR nozzleholders +
DL-UNI30390 CR nozzle holder wrench , 30 mm +
DL-UNI30389 CR nozzle holder wrench , 29 mm +
DL-UNI30435 Wrench for opening the solenoid of the CR (Cummins) nozzleholder, 28 mm +
DL-UNI30434 Wrench for opening the solenoid of Common Rail Man nozzleholder, 27 mm +
DL-UNI50046 Dismounting wrench for CR Nippodenso injector ring/nut +
DL-UNI30545 Dismounting wrench for CR Siemens injector ring/nut +
DL-UNI50050 Wrench set for mounting CR injector solenoid nut-octagon 16,17.5 Hexagon 14,15,17, 19, UNI30382 Hexagonal open wrench with dinamometric connection of ½ +
DL-CR30561 Special bit SW 10 +
DL-TORX10 Wrench for mounting and dismounting internal ring-nut 10mm, torx, Bosch CR +
DL-TORX12 Wrench for mounting and dismounting internal ring/nut 12 mm, torx, Bosch CR +
DL-AP2 Tweezers , non-magnetic +
DL-08CR5-244 set of shims 55 pcs. +
DL-09CR5-219 set of shims 55 pcs  +
DL-11CR5-236 Set of shims 55 pcs  +
DL-12CR5-230 Set of shims 110 pcs. +
DL-16CR5-232 Set of shims 60 pcs  +
DL-18CR5-271 Set of shims 55 pcs  +
DL-19CR5-273 Set of shims 55 pcs  +
DL-25CR5-288 Set of shims 55 pcs +
 DL-28CR5-287 Set of shims 110 pcs  +
 DL-125BIZON Bench vice L=125 mm  +
 DL-STN Special worktable  +
DL-KIP011 Digital measuring gauge 12.7 mm 0,001mm (2pcs.)  +
DL-KIP010 Digital measuring gauge 12.7 mm 0,01mm (1pc.)  +
DL-KIP012 Digital measuring gauge 25,4 mm 0,001mm (1pc.)  +
DL-ST-01 Clamping device for CR injector repair  +
DL-UNI30776 Adapter for torque wrench  +
D-1012020001 Stainless tray  +
D-M035 Micrometer 0,001mm  +
DL-M040 Stand for the micrometer  +
DL- CRN50113 Set of protractors  +
DL-TX10 Тorx wrench Тх 10  +
DL-TX25 Hexagonal male socket 2,5 mm.  +
DL-TX30 Hexagonal male socket 3 mm.  +
DL-TR13U Socket wrench 13 mm. +
DL-TR14U Socket wrench14 mm  +
 DL-TR15U Socket wrench15 mm  +
DL-TR19U Socket wrench 19 mm +
DL-CR50052 Device for refilling the hydro compensator of Bosch piezo injector  +
DL- UNI50043 Universal clamp for fixation in vice of CR injectors  +
DL-UNI50032 Universal clamp for fixation in vice of CR injectors Denso.” +
DL-1219KIT Set of wrenches  +