Test benches and kits for testing pumps and injectors of the Common Rail system
CRT 5040
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CRT 5040. Controller of Common Rail Fuel System CR-Tester

CRT 5040. Controller of Common Rail Fuel System CR-Tester
The device CR-Tester CRT-5040 is designed to diagnose Common-Rail injectors manufactured by Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Siemens VDO on the test bench. Injector testing is provided by feeding the control signal from the controller to the tested injectors and maintaining the required pressure in the system according to the selected test plan.

The device provides:

simultaneous control of 1-4 injectors;
pressure control in the system in manual and automatic mode;
control of electromagnetic injectors of the passenger car with a voltage of 14V;
control of electromagnetic injectors of the cargo series with a voltage of 28V;
control of piezoelectric injectors;
control of the measuring unit shutter;
disabling control in the absence of a safety screen in the test area;
control of the HP pump drive stopping after the end of the test;
temperature measurement in the tank;
measuring the injector backflow temperature;
measuring the timing of the injection;
control of the cooler and heater;
control of the injector flow and backflow measurement .
* Common-Rail HP pump (Common Rail systems CP1, CP3) control;
* frequency converter control ;
* control of the frequency and direction of the HP pump drive;
* Functions are additional options and are not included in the basic version of the device!

Set of delivery CRT-5040
Manual  (technical data, user manual)
Controller CR-Tester
Extension cable for injectors: connector “Injector” – 1.5m
Cable for injectors
Cable for HP regulator
Cable for LP regulator
Cable for pressure sensor
Power cable 220 V
Connectors for self-made cables : “Protection”,”Tank t C”,”Reg t C”, “Cycle”, “Pump”, “Invertor”, “Rpm”
Temperature sensor for monitoring the temperature of the liquid in the tank: socket “Tank t C”
Reed switch for connection of the safety screen: socket “Protection”
Fuse 3 А

Additional set of delivery

Temperature sensors for measuring backflow temperature
Compatible equipment and accessories
Injection start measurement sensor
Measuring unit MUFI-CR
Pressure accumulator 1-3 reg
Pressure regulator 1-3 pc
Pressure sensor
Technical data
Supply voltage V ~220 V ±15%
Power Consumption no mote than – 1000 Wt
Power Consumption 5 А 250 V АС, 5А 24ВDC
Cooler control relay 5А 250V АС, 5А 24ВDC
Control of frequency converter- digital interface for Schneider frequency converter, universal analog 0-10V, max. 20mA This function is not included in the standard configuration and is ordered additionally
Weight 12 kg
Dimentions 360 х 350 х 110