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SRS. Calibration fluid for diesel fuel equipment

SRS Calibration Fluid CV is a low viscosity test-oil for the calibration of diesel injection pumps with a very close viscosity
tolerance. It is noted for its excellent wear-, corrosion-protection and low foaming tendency.

SRS Calibration Fluid CV meets the ISO standard 4113-CV-AW. SRS Calibration fluid CV is recommended by Bosch
(VS 15665-OL-CV), MTU, MAN and Volkswagen. Further it is approved by MTU as a corrosion preventive oil for internal
preservation of fuel systems.

  • Can 20 l.

Approvals / Recommendations

• ISO-standard 4113-CV-AW

• Bosch-standard VS 15665-OL-CV

• Bosch-Approval

• MTU-Approval as a corrosion protection oil for inside preservation or conservation of fuel systems

• MAN-Approval

Typical data Test method SRS Calibration Fluid CV
Density at 15°C g/cm³ DIN 51 757 0,824
Viscosity at 20°C mm²/s DIN EN ISO 3104 3,85
Viscosity at 40°C mm²/s DIN EN ISO 3104 2,52
Flash point PM °C DIN EN ISO 2719 115
Cloud point °C ASTM D 2500 -28
Initial Boiling Point °C DIN 51 751 232
Final Boiling Point °C DIN 51 751 265
Steel Corrosion Test Grade DIN ISO 7120 0–А
Copper Corrosion Test Grade DIN ISO 2160 1
Humidity Cabinet Test Grade ASTM D 1748 6 x 0