Test benches and kits for testing pumps and injectors of the Common Rail system
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FLAGMAN CODE. Measuring unit for CR injectors with coding set

FLAGMAN-CODE. Measuring unit for CR injectors
The FLAGMAN-CODE complex is designed to diagnose Common Rail injectors of Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Siemens VDO on the test bench. Checking the injectors is provided by feeding the control signal from the controller to the tested injectors and maintaining the required pressure in the system according to the selected test plan.

The complex provides:

simultaneous control of 1-4 injectors;
* possibility of assigning a correction code to injectors BOSCH
* the possibility of assigning a correction code to the DELPHI injectors
* the possibility of assigning the correction code to the Denso injectors
pressure control in the system in manual and automatic mode;
control of electromagnetic injectors of a passenger car with a voltage of 14 V;
control of electromagnetic injectors of the cargo series with a voltage of 28 V;
control of piezoelectric injectors;
disabling control in the absence of a safety screen in the test area;
control of stopping the drive of the injection pump of the bench after the end of the test;
temperature measurement in the tank;
measuring the backflow temperature of the injectors;
* measuring the timing of the injection;
control of the cooler and heater;
control of the measurement of the flow and backflow of the injectors.
* Functions are optional and are not included in the basic version of the complex!

Set of delivery for FLAGMAN-CODE
Name Amount
Measuring unit MUFI-CR 1 pc
Controller FLAGMAN CRT-5040 1 pc
*Vacuum system 1 set
* Injection start measurement sensor 1 pc
*Encoding software DT-CODE DELPHI C2i, C3i
*Encoding software DT-CODE BOSCH 1 pc
*Encoding software DT-CODE DENSO in developing
Manual 1 pc
A set of connecting cables for the MUFI-CR measuring unit and the FLAGMAN controller 1 set
Extension cable for injector cables: socket “Injector” – 1.5 m 1 pc
Adapter cable for injectors 1 pc
Adapter cable for high pressure regulators 1 pc
Adapter cable for low pressure regulators 1 pc
Adapter cable for pressure sensor 1 pc
Power cable 220 V 1 pc
Connectors for self-made cables in the sockets: “Protection”, “Tank t C”, “Reg t C”, “Cycle”, “Pump”, “Invertor”, “Rpm” 1 set
Temperature sensor for monitoring the temperature of the liquid in the tank: socket “Tank t C” 1 pc
Temperature sensors for measuring the test liquid backflow temperature 4 pcs
Reed switch for connection of the safety screen: socket “Protection” 1 pc
Fuse 3 А 1 pc
Connecting pipelines                1 set
Compatible equipment and accessories
Pressure accumulator for 1-3 regulators 1 pc
Pressure regulator 1-3 pc 1-3 pc
Pressure sensor 1 pc
Safety valve 1 pc
High pressure manometer 1 pc
Injector holder with bracket 1 pc

* These positions are optional and are not included in the basic version of the complex!

System requirements for PC
All the management of the complex is carried out with the help of the program “CASCADE” and a personal computer.

The PC must meet the following system requirements:

Minimum PC configuration:

Processor 1600 MHz and higher;
Screen mode 1024×768 (32 bits), it is recommended 1280×1024
About 40 MB of disk space to install the program.
The software “CASCADE” allows to carry out automated control of the test bench

Using the “CASCADE” software, the “CR-Injector-Tester” controller is connected. Controller “CR-Injector-Tester” is designed to provide programmable control signals for the pressure regulators of the test system and CommonRail injectors.

The main window is the “CR-Injector-Tester” mode tab

1. The menu.

2. The mode selection tab “CR-Injector-Tester”.

In the “CR-Injector-Tester” mode tab are located:

3.The “Injector Info” (information about the injector).

4. “Testplan” (test plan).

4.1 Buttons for working with files and printing: “Open”, “Save”, “Print report”

4.2 The field for displaying the stages of the test plan (located under the buttons 4.1)

4.3 Check-box “Automatic test”.

5. The pressure gauge section “Current pressure (bar)”.

6.The section of parameters “Fuel Injection settings”.

6.1 The “Pressure setpoint (bar)” field is the injection pressure

7. Tab “Tester” – display of virtual flasks and parameters.

8. Visual display panels.

9.The “Connected Devices” unit showing the connection of devices.

10.Functional buttons of the software “CASCADE” – F1 … F12.

It is possible to set the encoding for an additional order.

To encode the injectors, you need to get the test results. To do this, you need to select from the list of test plans by the number of the DELPHI injector. Open in the “Code with user target” or “Code with factory target” mode. After the end of the test plan, you can see the schedule and, if necessary, improve the results.

The graph on the left shows incorrect result. In the graph on the right, the corrected result.To get the code, you need to click the “Get C2I code” button in the menu.

If the test plan is not available, use any new injector from the same “family” group, and use the “Make user target”