High pressure fuel pumps VE/ VP / P / PE
Test benches for diesel fuel equipment
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SPF-708. Universal test bench 7kw

SPF-708. Universal test bench for diesel systems 7 kW with measuring unit for 8 sections

The bench is intended for testing and adjusting the devices of the power system of diesel engines during their repairs and maintenance.


The test bench allows the following types of tests and adjustments:

  • Determination of the volumes of fuel injection doses for different speeds of the high-pressure fuel pump shaft corresponding to:

– starting the engine (starting dose),

– idling (idling dose),

– the beginning and the end of positive and negative adjustments,

– the rated motor power (nominal, so-called measuring dose), and speed, which determines the so-called high-speed characteristic of the fuel high-pressure pump;

  • Determination of the rotation speed of the start and end of the fuel injection shut-off by the speed regulator (the maximum number of idling speed), which determine the adjustable speed range;
  • Geometric start of compression , and angular gaps between sections of the high pressure fuel pump ;
  • Spread (unevenness) of the fuel doses injected by different sections of the high-pressure fuel pump, which should not exceed 2% of the nominal dose;
  • Operation of the electromagnetic shut-off valve;
  • Checking the suction of the feed pumps under test;
  • Checking the injection pressure of the feed pumps under test;;
  • Checking the performance of feed pumps under test ;
  • Checking the tightness and transmittance of the fuel filter.


Name Amount
Flexible piping 3/8”L- 105 cm 2 pc
Tips for 14 mm 2 pc
Tips for 12 mm 2 pc
Connecting hose Ø 8 mm L- 150 cm 1 pc
Connecting hose Ø 10 mm L- 150 cm 1 pc
Door key 4 pc
Legs 4 pc
Technical data
Rotation speed 30 – 3500 min-1
Rotation direction left /right
Torque 1050 – 3000 min-1: 68,2 – 24,2 Nm
Main engine power 7 kW
Tank capacity 30 dm3
Supply voltage 3x400V/230V~ 50Hz
Maximum current 30A
Productivity of the test liquid supply pump Р= 0,3 МPa 8,5 l/min
High pressure manometer for test fluid supply 0÷4 МPa
Low pressure manometer for test fluid supply 0÷0,4 МPa
Pressure gauge of the test pump 0÷1 МPa
The manometer for monitoring the internal pressure of the tested pump 0÷1,6 МPa
Air pressure monitoring manometer 0÷0,25 МPa
Vacuum manometer  -0,1÷0 МPa
Test liquid heater power 1000W
Dimentions W 1110
H 1610
D 1210 mm
Total weight ~ 700 kg